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We are results driven and strive for excellence in what we do.

The challenges of running a successful business are many. We have not been without our share. In 2016 we were affected by the floods that ravaged our area. We had to take a pause in the business to repair our house and deal with the aftermath of the changes that took place in our lives and those around us. I have always shared the philosophy that life’s challenges make you stronger. I viewed the flood as one of those challenges. The struggle was real, but we were persistent in our belief that we would overcome and be stronger because of it. The business did survive, and we were more focused going forward.
Another challenge was 2020 and the virus that came with it. In Louisiana, the Landscape industry was designated as an essential business. We were unaffected by the shutdowns that occurred, and our business continued to grow. We did lose some accounts due to the shutdowns. A retail account and several small business owners were not able to retain our services. At the same time, we were picking up new business that replaced the lost income.
In 2018 we expanded into landscaping when I acquired a landscape horticulturist license from the Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture. Since then, we have been busy managing Landscaping in between our Lawn service activities.
Horticulture commission requirements are below (from the LDAF website under “Horticulture Laws, rules and regulations”)

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Licensed Landscape Horticulturist

A landscape horticulturist’s license authorizes the holder to do the following:

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The goal of KTG Lawn Services and our landscape service is to help each residential/commercial customer feel better about their property.